Morning Soul: Lady, I Will Cry For You Tonight

  • Angel Laws, founder of, is really doing the damn thing in the blog game. Inspiring! [CNY]
  • There's a good chance that everyone's favorite coke-sniffing-rapper exposer Kat Stacks is getting deported back to her native Venezuela. [VIBE]
  • Welp...Nicki Minaj's talent may be an arguable point but er um...she bangin, though. [RR]
  • Lauryn Hill, her afro, and her eyebrows performed in Miami this past weekend. [BSP]
  • If you stole Ryan Leslie's laptop, you could be a millionaire. Hot damn, turn that mess in, son! [SS]

  • woops

    I'm co-signing John on the unnecessarily ig'nant comments about Lauryn.

  • "you attack her so much" - huh? I've never attacked lauryn hill in my entire life. this is the very first time I've ever posted anything about her on this site. I actually love lauryn hill so much that I won't treat her like yall do - untouchable and above good natured ribbing. FOH with your uptight assumptions. lol SO ridiculous.

  • Awesome for Concrete Loop. They really are blowing up like the world trade the first time.
    I used to read it all the time but then got out of the gossip enjoyment business. Maybe I need to tune back in for a hot minute.


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