Morning Soul: Lady, I Will Cry For You Tonight

  • Angel Laws, founder of, is really doing the damn thing in the blog game. Inspiring! [CNY]
  • There's a good chance that everyone's favorite coke-sniffing-rapper exposer Kat Stacks is getting deported back to her native Venezuela. [VIBE]
  • Welp...Nicki Minaj's talent may be an arguable point but er um...she bangin, though. [RR]
  • Lauryn Hill, her afro, and her eyebrows performed in Miami this past weekend. [BSP]
  • If you stole Ryan Leslie's laptop, you could be a millionaire. Hot damn, turn that mess in, son! [SS]


3 Responses

  1. I'm co-signing John on the unnecessarily ig'nant comments about Lauryn.

  2. "you attack her so much" - huh? I've never attacked lauryn hill in my entire life. this is the very first time I've ever posted anything about her on this site. I actually love lauryn hill so much that I won't treat her like yall do - untouchable and above good natured ribbing. FOH with your uptight assumptions. lol SO ridiculous.

  3. Awesome for Concrete Loop. They really are blowing up like the world trade the first time.
    I used to read it all the time but then got out of the gossip enjoyment business. Maybe I need to tune back in for a hot minute.


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