Pete Philly Has A Special Way To ‘Remember You’

As part of his 14-week "Open Loops" series, Dutch singer/MC Pete Philly – one half of jazz/soul/hip-hop duo Pete Philly and Perquisite – recently released "Remember You" featuring Roos Jonker. The track, with its smooth production and lush instrumentation, showcases both Pete's vocal talent and skill as a lyricist. Leading up to his forthcoming album, One, he is debuting a new song and video (12 new with two bonus tracks) weekly until January 3rd, 2011. The production of the "Open Loops" offerings thus far span the musical spectrum, from early '90s-reminiscent jazzy beats to more tribal sounds, and effectively builds anticipation for a cohesive project from the Aruba-born musician. Check the video for "Remember You" below, as well as the other free tracks at his official website.

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2 Responses

  1. This whole project is dope. Stay woke.

  2. Absolutely the Best new artist site I've seen in a while. Even if you don't like Hip Hop ( sounds and looks a little like Guru) check out the design flow and the Creative Commons copyright approach.