What New Soul/R&B Releases Are You Buying This Week?

In the event that you didn't empty out your bank account with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, get ready to kiss whatever money you have left over goodbye thanks to the six highly-anticipated new soul and R&B releases that just hit stores today. It's the rare occasion when there's one album to buy in a week much less to have this many up for consideration, but let's enjoy this Super Soul/R&B Tuesday while we can. With new albums from Eric Benét, Miguel, Ron Isley, Jazmine Sullivan, El DeBarge and Chrisette Michele finally available, it begs the question: what albums will you be purchasing? Vote after the bounce and let your voice be heard in the comments section.

Eric Benét Lost In Time [Amazon][iTunes]

El DeBarge Second Chance [Amazon][iTunes]

Ron Isley Mr. I [Amazon][iTunes]

Chrisette Michele Let Freedom Reign [Amazon][iTunes]

Miguel All I Want Is You [Amazon][iTunes]

Jazmine Sullivan Love Me Back [Amazon][iTunes]

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11 Responses

  1. Jazmine Sullivan. Chrisette's album is trash (IMO), MIguel's is bland, and I don't like the other two enough to buy something.

  2. hmmm, none of these provoke me to spend coins smh

  3. Yea, I just ordered Jazzy's and Miguel's albums. And I doubt that Miguel' s jawn is goin' be bland. I haven't heard it yet but I did hear "Vixen"......if the rest of the album is anywhere near as good, then he'll have a pretty dope album on his hands.

  4. I copped Jazmine's. Went to get Miguel's and it wasn't there. smh Hopefully i'll get it soon. I may get DeBarge's as well cuz that duet with Faith is fire. Had no idea Benet dropped this week too.

  5. Just bought Second Chance...people, I'm speechless and that never happens. This album is almost perfection. PLEASE do not sleep on El if you want some feel good music. This album is superb and EVERY song save 1 is BEAUTIFUL!!


  7. I have them all, and Miguel's is the one that has me the most surprised, its a really good album. Eric, Chrisette, Ron, El, and even relative newcomer Jazmine are proven talents, and their albums have their merits, but Miguels is the one i keep on listening too. Go Figure!

  8. Does commenting three times the same message give more emphasis to how garbage this album is! I guess Dutch is miguel's P.R.D. I must admit I Ws sumwat hook'd (lyk evrybdy else) by the A.I.W.I.Y single nd I thought his talent wld shine on Tis, LP, but it soundz lyk almoz evryting else out hur. Big up!!! My undagrnd artist go'n hard nd keep'n it fresh!

  9. I gotta say that I thought Miguel's CD was somewhat bland as well... Maybe thats too strong a word, but nothing really jumped out at me... and this is not hate, I loved All I Want Is You, and looked forward to the full CD. I'll give it another listen, but it just didnt grab me majorly.
    Eric Benet's CD was somewhat slow... I think he's going for a retro thing... its not bad... just on the mellow side.
    Im looking forward to hearing your opinions on Chrisette Michelle's new cd. It definiltely is... different for lack of a better word.

  10. Ok....So yeah. Miguel is that joint. He's not the Usher clone that I thought he was going to be. It's very different and....refreshing....not bland (IMO). Chrisette needs to fire her whole production team. I hope Ne-Yo is still not lacing her with tracks, because that's what it still sounds like. Bought but still not listened to Jazmine yet. El was previewed and will be bought (COME ON EL/CHICO ALBUM). I dug the change up from Eric.

  11. Im going with Bénet, I might check out Debarge too, the rest is meh, and for the record I thought Miguel was bland too, live with it