What We Warned You About: Quincy Jones’ Aural Assault Has Begun

I come to you with bad news. Charges against Gucci Mane have been dropped. Quincy Jones has lost it. "It" being his mind. What we warned all of you about has now come true. Mr. Jones has "allowed" Robin Thicke and the boogeyman himself, T-Pain, to remix Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)," and this is not okay. Appearing on Quincy Jones' latest album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, what we have is a lesser human artist raping and bastardizing the music of a legend. Again. Pressing play and hearing the opening guitar strums of Jackson's classic, the listener's ear is invaded by an abysmal Auto-Tuned abomination, sent from the darkest corner of Hell to ruin days and melt brains. The beloved golden voice on the original was swapped out for that of Shuck & Jive 3000, the song-ruining robot.

Lyric updates include: "You know where I come from shawty/You can tell by how I wear my hair" and "We jukin' all nite til they close the club."

Where is Joe Jackson with a thorned switch to the face when you need him?

Luckily, Robin Thicke saves the song with strong, sweet vocals on the second verse. His contribution brings the intended flavor to the new version. Further demonstrated by Akon's rendition of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," there is much misguided adoration afoot these days. Build a statue. Mentor some kids in his honor. Hell, wear white gloves and shiny shoes. Just leave the music alone. Keep the legacy intact. Just say NO to tragic tributes, kids. Quincy, you got some splainin' to do. Take a listen below.

Quincy Jones feat. T-Pain & Robin Thicke: "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"

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22 Responses

  1. Ehhhh, I heard a snippet of this mess last night...was upset they didn't bother to let T-PAIN-IN-MY-ASS just fade to black in the background. So, disappointing Q.

  2. I so have NO desire to hear this...just the thought of T Pain redoing anyhting of MJ's makes me want to earl!
    @ChrisAlexander- thanks for the funny write-up though. I was chuckling.

  3. ...WOW...I mean really??? Robin Thicke's verse isn't all that itself (he actually sounds like Justin) but the T-Pain part is just ridiculous!!!

  4. Q has officially fell a victim to Alzheimer because he has got to be out of his freaking mind...................I wouldnt buy this album if it cost 2 cents and came with a 20 dollar rebate.

  5. this makes me so very very sad

  6. This stinks! Enough said....

  7. Well this just reeks of cynicism.
    Do they think we don't notice?

  8. Yes it is pretty bad. it's almost unbearable to hear.

  9. I guess wisdom did not come with Q's old age.
    T-pain in auto-tune on a MJ song is just foul. Robin Thicke isn't horrible but I preferred and will always prefer the original. "Sent from the darkest corner of Hell to ruin days and melt brains," well said.

  10. ... and the sad thing is that kids will love it. I'm sad for the 18 and under

  11. O M G!!!! This has to be the worst piece of recorded music I've EVER heard. Got to pull out my Thriller CD quick to listen to the original.

  12. My ears, MY EARS!!!
    They will never be the sam again.

  13. Shut the front door! This makes me sad

  14. I'm sorry I can't get with that auto tune stuff especially on a classic like PYT!

  15. So... played it thinking it couldn't be that bad. But oh yes, it is. I really don't know what to say. Maybe I'll go lie down now.

  16. Hahaha LMBO...ROTFL.....@ "the listener's ear is invaded by an abysmal Auto-Tuned abomination, sent from the darkest corner of Hell to ruin days and melt brains". I agree, auto-tune should die...a quick death. I am SICK of it appearing in everything POP these days. Q should not have gone there. Thanks for the honest and hilarious review! This song does suck rocks =(

  17. my god, this just depressed the hell outta me. michael would've put a stop to this if he could. and who is the random girl goin in at the end? she's pretty comical too lol

  18. ROTLMBAO @ "Shuck and Jive 3000" Daaaaaayyuuuummm!!!!!!

  19. I think it wouldn't been so bad.. If only the song didn't have T pain didn't come out singing the Auto Tune verse.. The chorus isn't so bad.. They are trying to appeal with the "YOUNGER" folks who loves this type of thing... Also did they speed the song up.. I knew it was a fast song, but the beat seems faster than the singers...

  20. Excuse me while I go find a replacement brain... My old one melted about a minute into this track.

  21. Jesus wept!