16 Janet Jackson Barbie Dolls That We’d Like To See

When the SoulBounce team got the news that a Janet Jackson Barbie doll had been created, squeals of delight could be heard across the country. That is until we learned that there was only one of its kind manufactured and that the doll is currently being auctioned off to the highest bidder to benefit the charity Project Angel Food. With the bid already topping $1000 and with broken hearts, we all kissed our dreams of owning the "Divinely Janet" doll goodbye. Which ultimately was fine, because although the Divinely Janet doll is an absolutely gorgeous replica of Janet when she performed on American Idol earlier this year, it's not exactly one that we would have chosen being the group of Janet fans that we are. A style and fashion trendsetter, Janet has so many iconic looks throughout her career that could translate well into a miniature plastic version of the diva.

With that said, we came up with our own ideas for Janet Jackson Barbie dolls that we'd like to see made and would most definitely buy if ever given the chance. Mattel, are you listening?

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  • Definitely wouldn't mind having a Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson doll. Would love to see if they could even insert a mechanism to have her fingers do the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown.

  • absolutely fantastic post. "what's your favorite janet?" is one of life's most important queries.

  • I LOVE THIS POST! I'm such a Barbie fiend lol

  • This only proves how much of icon Janet has been. Always changing and always beautiful...

  • Nikesha

    i'd buy all of them. but since i could only pick one i chose the I Get Lonely Barbie. The Velvet Rope album is perfection and that barbie, song, video highlight it.
    However, I would like to see the Damita Jo Barbie. It comes complete with boyfriend ripped jeans. The bodacious smile shown on the back cover of the album booklet, and all of the post superbowl, I'm not talking about Justin Timberlake coyness you can muster. Alternate outfits include the tight white cropped oxford shirt, push my boobs to my chin bra, suspenders, and men's suit pants from the GMA performance as well as the let me recreate Pleasure Principle 2004 style All Nite (Don't Stop) outfit. And if you don't like the clothes underneath it all is that blazing nipple shield everyone remembers never seeing.

  • I love it! Not only is this post hilariously well written, it is a perfect homage to her evolution, contributions and career. SUPERB!

  • SimplyMe


  • mike

    I would love the You Want This doll....she was soooo hot in that video! The Anytime Anyplace doll too.....I looooved those looks shown here....her hair....that green dress! Really all these ideas are amazing!

  • QH

    Kudos for such a playful, fun article. I like the AI Barbie, but CoM Janet would be fab. Lol. Too cute guys!-QH

  • hoodedmonk

    I hope other toy companies read this article.

  • AI

    Though I was not even born when Janet began her career, MAN, this post took me down (pre)memory lane!!!!!!!! She is really the ish!

  • Ezekiel AKA EaZy

    if i could, i would definitely buy ALL of them - except Pleasure Principle (i never got the fascination with that video) and Call On Me (because it reminds me of such a disappointing time in her career)...but since i can only pick one, it would be Got Til It's Gone so i can play with the hair, lol.
    or maybe You Want This. that was a hot video.

  • Darrick

    I'd buy all of them. Miss Jackson NEEDS a Barbie made in her image. It's only right.

  • LOVE this article! I'd get 'em all, but if I had to choose, someone will have to fight me for the the "I Get Lonely" and "Rhythm Nation" dolls. I'd also add in 'All For You' Janet, where she had that half jacket thing she was sportin' or "Runaway" Janet with a detachable nose ring...okay, yall got me carried away now!

  • I'm so glad yall like this post. it was fun for us to write it! #janetSTAN
    @Ezekiel how old are you, homie? lol. the awesome thing about the pleasure principle video has a lot to do with "being there" when it came out (I was 8 or 9 I believe). she was fresh off that big curly hair and cutie pie chunk look. so when this video debuted, with her ultra straight hair and svelte body, it was a big deal. and it was only her in the video, too, just janet in a warehouse dancing (like michael and her brothers) in front of some mirrors. it was awesome and still is 😀

  • Me

    Ha ha the accessories and Ken dolls are a riot. Funny.

  • langston

    I don't know how I could have possibly missed this post! I was scrolling backwards looking for another one and I "found" this today. I love this freekin article! I would buy all of these dolls for the young at heart women in my life, based upon what era of Janet really spoke to them the most. Bravo SB team & shout-out to all of the other educated, intelligent, and accomplished Janet stans for life! Peace huny! 🙂

  • Samantha

    I would have a Janet "All For You " Barbie as in the video of the song and I need a playset to the doll please!

  • Samantha

    Omg the best idea of having a Barbie in the works to support her Iconic outfit a Good job for Miss Jackson. You such a group of clowns, that is funny of course


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