Beware Of Raekwon’s ‘Butter Knives’

Oh, Raekwon. Don't point at me like that. I never doubted you. Okay, maybe I wondered what was slipped into one of your woolas after you did that joint with Kanye and Justin Bieber. Hey, I know none of us are perfect, and I certainly am aware that ideas concocted in the wee hours are sometimes not the best ones. Since you strike me as someone who keeps a nocturnal schedule, I will make sure to not anger you once the moon has risen and also make sure that there are no butter knives handy. Sure "Butter Knives" is the name of your latest track that is rumored to be from the now delayed Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang album. I just never knew that those types of knives could be used to cause so much audible destruction. In short, Rae, I love this. Thank you. Now get your finger out of my eye.

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