Collette Wants Us To ‘Keep Christmas Alive’

It seems like I've gotten more Christmas music in my inbox this month than I can jingle my bells to, but one can never have too many songs to make the season bright. Another artist who is bestowing some holiday cheer of the musical variety on us is singer/songwriter Collette. Last we heard from her she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her next album, Revolution, which we will get to enjoy next spring. But May is so far away, and to thank people for donating to her cause she has released the song "Keep Christmas Alive" to encourage folks to carry this spirit of giving on beyond the holidays into our daily lives. That's a message that I can surely support, and if you'd like to lend some more support to Collette's cause you have the option to download this song for free or for a fee on her Bandcamp page. Stay tuned for more newness from Collette when she releases her mixtape/EP, Coco By Request, in January.  

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