DJ Mars & DJ Doc’s Vikter Duplaix Mixtape Is ‘For Players Only’

If you've been keeping up with SoulBounce for any length of time, then you should be well aware of our love for Vikter Duplaix. While many are just now discovering him as the breakout star of Centric's Master of the Mix DJ competition reality show, we've been rocking with this singer/songwriter/producer for more than a minute. It's cool that the rest of the world is catching up, though, and a fellow contestant of his on Master of the Mix is helping everyone to step their Duplaix game up. DJ Mars, who just got bounced from Master of the Mix on last week's episode, and DJ Doc present For Players Only: Introducing the Music of Vikter Duplaix. Clocking in at one hour and featuring a healthy 21 songs, For Players Only is an awesome collection of Vikter's music featuring songs from his solo albums and collaborations he's done with Jazzanova, Louie Vega and Jimmy Sommers. This mixtape is as smooth as Duplaix himself. Kudos to Mars and Doc for expertly mixing this project and capturing Vik's musical essence. Be sure to tune into Master of the Mix tonight at 10:30 pm on Centric to see whose record will get scratched this week.

DJ Mars & DJ Doc present For Players Only: Introducing the Music of Vikter Duplaix [Download]

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2 Responses

  1. DOOOOPE. "Electric Love" is perfection.

  2. For more than a decade DJ Jelly and the Southern Style DJs have remixed their way to mixtape legendry. Musical