‘Fall In Love’ With Amerie Again…Or At Least This Sam Champ Remix

Long before she bought a vowel for her name, hopped on the international pop trolley, and bleached her hair into oblivion, the artist formerly known as Amerie was a favorite of mine. OK, "favorite" may be a bit generous, but I usually enjoyed her musical offerings. Back when she was the proudly biracial around-the-way girl from Georgetown University, most of her work with beatmaker Rich Harrison received heavy play on my iPod. Even the last two albums, which the public ignored, I loved. Now, she's veering off into world pop-acid house-trance land and going by "Ameriie"--with the extra "i" reflecting positive energy. Of course, because an extra "e" would have made no sense whatsoever. She's recording her new album, Cymatica Vol. 1, in a special DNA-repairing frequency and studying visible sound and vibration, and so on. That's special, but I long for her more sane wholesome days, which remixer/producer Sam Champ took me back to with his remix of Amerie's (one "i") "Why Don't We Fall In Love." The track, "Fall In Love (Sam Champ Remix)," comes from the Sam Champ Remix EP due out this month. Here, he smooths out Amerie's debut single, giving it what struck me as a throwback A Tribe Called Quest vibe with a verse from Ludacris. Enjoy these good tidings of musical joy.

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2 Responses

  1. As much as I love, all things Amerie, and this was my song of the Spring/Summer 2002. That remix is great, but this is my personal favorite Remix. This is what NYC Summer Nights sounded like to me..

  2. @GEB, I actually like this remix better than that one. The one here sounds fresh and new, I guess. I think the fact that the one you've posted has played on my ipod a billion times makes it kind of stale for me now. But this version is really smooth and sensual. I nod my head harder to this one.
    And for some reason, Ludacris always seems to turn me off from a perfectly awesome song. Except on this one. I liked his verse here.


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