Ghostface Killah & Busta Rhymes Shine Like A ‘Superstar’

Much ado was made about hip hop's elder statesman known for switching voices, Busta Rhymes, being featured on hip hop's supposed reigning queen of bright colors track "Roman's Revenge" and switching voices, Nicki Minaj. While I wish them both the best, their voice switching just isn't my cup of tea. Something that I can get behind is anything involving Ghostface Killah, though. "Superstar" is from his album, Apollo Kids, which drops tomorrow and features both Ghost and Lord Busta of Rhymes rhyming over a minimally reworked "He's A Superstar" by Roy Ayers. I know it sounds more boring than what I'm describing, but trust me: Ghost sounds just as charismatic as ever and Busta sounds as though he eats rhymes for breakfast and curls up in them when it's time to rest his head. See what I mean after you press play below.

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