‘It’s OK’ To Say That You Love Cee-Lo

Resisting Cee-Lo Green's magnetic pull is futile. I learned this a long time ago back in the Goodie Mob days, and my love for this man's artistry has only grown over the years. He is also on that coveted short list of artists who can do no wrong, and on The Lady Killer he got everything right. This winning streak carries over from the audio into the visuals for the project, with the third video release from the album for the song "It's OK." Cee-Lo continues to ride the retro wave, looking dapper as ever in a pinstripe suit while wandering around the city reminiscing about better times with three lost loves who look like they could have been cast in a production of For Colored Girls Who Moved On When Cee-Lo Wasn't Enough. The video is colorful, animated and fun--just like Cee-Lo himself. 


2 Responses

  1. This entire album is amazing. The best release of 2010. From start to finish....great project.

  2. My friends have been telling me since last month, I should get this album. Now after watching another genius mini-movie from Cee-Lo and REALLY REALLY appreciating this song, i'm going to iTunes RIGHT NOW! Thanks S.B.


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