Jay Electronica Pays Tribute To Guru With ‘Jazzmatazz’

Jay Electronica must love him some old school hip hop, obviously. It's obvious given his newest track with Tone Trezure, "Jazzmatazz (R.I.P. Guru Tribute)," which utilizes a sample from Group Home's awesome debut Livin' Proof. Jay Electronica also love using samples from highly respected and revered leaders, such as an excerpt from Martin Luther King's "I See The Promised Land" speech. Background info aside, how is the track? It's an awesome tribute to Guru and only excites me more since this is the most we've all heard from Jay consistently in the past couple of years. Trezure supplies the hook just as lovely as she did on Jay's "Victory Is In My Clutches." Try to contain your excitement after you listen. 

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5 Responses

  1. Beat is interlude from a Gangstarr or Group home album (DJ Premier sample) if I'm not mistaken. song is dope nonetheless.

  2. @tj
    Yes, thank you. I've been second guessing myself all day. Thanks for this. Will be changed posthaste.

  3. I have to listen to 'Mecca and the Soul Brother' again but I know the loop here is the intro to Group Home's first album, produced by Dj Premier

  4. will there be a post on SoulBounce about the Jay Electronica controversy regarding his stage set and comments he made about women and their desire to be choked during sex?