Lupe Fiasco Discusses His Experience With Industry Rule #4080

The professional life of backpacker rapper Lupe Fiasco ain't been no crystal stair. Despite nine GRAMMY nominations over the course of his short career, he has spent his last year in a publicly battle with his Atlantic Records over the release of his third album, Lasers. Lupe had a strong start with his debut single "Kick Push." Cosigned by frequent collaborator Kanye West, the intelligent, skilled rapper had a broad appeal and was a break from the goon carols that typically dominated urban radio. I was sold. Led by "Shining Down" last June and "I'm Beamin" in January, the new album was completed and turned in to Atlantic, who was less than enthused about the project. At one point during the standoff, he offered to give up all musical rights in order to get out of his contract. After his fans circulated a petition and mobbed Atlantic Records to protest back in October, Lasers finally received a March 2011 release date. Skateboarders rejoice! Lupe discusses his battle with the label in the interview with Ruby Hornet below.


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  1. The point is that those running the industry don't want that kind of "talk" hitting the mainstream. His music is too lyrically radical. It's not dumbed down enough, materialistic enough, sexually obsessed enough. They can't have that hitting the airwaves and maybe changing the backwards thinking of a whole lot of mainstreamers, especially the youth. They've worked too hard and too long to get them where they are to let somebody come in and, perhaps, change their paradigm.