Melanie Fiona Sings About A Love That Is ‘Gone & Never Coming Back’

One of my favorite artists to step on the scene in 2009 was Melanie Fiona. Although her debut album, The Bridge, didn't showcase just how talented she is, it was a good introduction to the Canadian songbird and gave us the hit "It Kills Me." However, with her sophomore set, The MF Life, on the way in early 2011, I'm hoping that she gets better material to showcase her voice and personality, which are both phenomenal. Does that happen on the freshly leaked lead single, "Gone & Never Coming Back"? Yes and no. Mel sounds good here, that's without question. But I have to admit that it took me a few listens to get into this song. Upon first listen, it was slow background music. On the second listen, I took the lyrics about a lost love in and gained a greater appreciation for it. On the third listen, I started to like the song. I'm sure that I'll love it in about a month. Perhaps you'll feel the same way about the ballad after you listen for yourself. 

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4 Responses

  1. I love this song and I love Melanie Fiona. She is the real deal.

  2. Your description of the process of liking this song is how I felt about it on the micro level. It started, my reaction was muted and then it hit the chorus and I thought it was pretty good. But then again I heard the live version first and I was listening to the band, which I thought was dope.I still like the recorded version.

  3. can't wait for that "MF Life". The Bridge is a classic and I'm expecting something like that this go around (not neccessarily in sound but in quality).

  4. I love Melanie, but I don't really like this song. Like a lot of her debut album, it just doesn't have enough spark and soul that she possesses vocally. She sounds great, but it sounds like a boring ballad because that's exactly what it is. This is not first single material. IT KILLS ME was her only hit from the first album because it tapped into that soul that carries over well. This one is trying to do something similar, but misses the mark. I think Melanie would do so much better with different collaborators. I would like to hear her work with Craig Brockman and Nisan Stewart, Raphael Saadiq, and maybe even Missy and Jazmine Sullivan.