SOUL-POLL: Who Do You Think Should Win ‘Master Of The Mix’?

And then there were two. Tonight on the season finale of Master of the Mix, the DJ competition comes to an end with only two DJs left standing: DJ Scratch and Vikter Duplaix. Airing this evening on Centric starting at 10:30 pm EST, by the time the half-hour program is over one of these illustrious DJs will be named Master of the Mix and receive a prize pack worth 250K. Smirnoff's deep pockets aside, at the end of the day what this competition is really all about is bragging rights and calling yourself the best of the best. Whether these were the two best DJs in the competition is up for debate, but both Scratch and Duplaix have survived the tough field of competitors and various challenges that tested their skills to make it to the last episode. We'll find out who will reign supreme--the legendary hip-hop turntable master or the eclectic DJing soul brother--in a matter of hours, but if you've been following the series and if it were up to you, who would you crown Master of the Mix? 

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