SoulBounce Honors 2010’s Song Of The Year: Cee-Lo Green’s ‘F–k You’

What is particularly interesting about the ingenious hit "F--k You" by Cee-Lo Green is its old-school flavor, hearkening back to the days when profanity wasn't found in music. Yet, it doesn't fail to capture a very authentic feeling, delivered honestly and very frankly--expletives and all. Truthfully, sometimes a cuss word is just what you need to cut right to the chase. And "F--k You," which SoulBounce has chosen as our Song of the Year, did that in grand style.

After the bounce

In 2010, Cee-Lo came out of nowhere and took us on a sonic roller-coaster ride with the fun cult classic "F--k You." When the GRAMMY-nominated song dropped in an unconventional way via a lyric video on the internet that went viral within hours of its release, it was unlike anything that we had heard or seen before. The song was shocking and hilarious, bold and full of truth. Cee-Lo's full-bodied vocals brought the song co-written by Bruno Mars, who also had a memorable 2010, to life in living technicolor. There's absolutely nothing in popular music to compare to the sheer audacity of this song with its comedic spin on the sentiments of a spurned lover. 

Cee-Lo said in an interview with Billboard magazine that the song was "meant to be tongue-in-cheek and funny and charming" and it was his attempt to return to "a lighter side" of his musical self. He can be rest assured that he met his goal on all fronts and definitely succeeded in exemplifying how boundary-stretching and multi-dimensional he is as an artist. Thank you, Cee-Lo, for telling the world "F--k You." 

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