Take A Bite Out Of MeLo-X & Jesse Boykins III’s ‘Black Apple’

While this certainly is not MeLo-X and Jesse Boykins III first collaboration, the argument could certainly be made that it is the sweetest coming from a purely gastronomical standpoint. "Black Apple With Love," released yesterday and available on iTunes is exactly how you would imagine it would be: pleasing to the palate and none too acrid. Though this track cannot be found from MeLo-X's latest EP More Merch which is worth a listen, make sure you take a sample of this "Apple" after you press play below.  

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2 Responses

  1. "Black Apple with Love" was one of my favorite tracks off his "Enter the Merch King" EP. Gifted producer and MC.

  2. They've taken an old formula and made it fresh and new. Good stuff.


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