45 Artists We Can’t Wait To Get New Albums From In 2011

The first month of this new year is almost over, and, musically speaking, it's started off with a whimper as far as album releases are concerned. However, the forecast for the remainder of 2011 is sunny with a chance of good records. Last year was one for the books, but this year promises to be just as if not more stellar where new releases are concerned. Specifically, some of our SoulBounce faves are scheduled to drop albums, others have promised new records, and a few are on our wish list yet again. And these are just the albums that we know of or have heard rumors about. There will surely be numerous surprises, tons of mixtapes, and a slew of Bounce-Worthy artists to keep our iPods bulging at their seams. Release dates and our minds are subject to change, but here's our epic list of 45--yes, 45!!--artists who we can't wait to get new albums from this year. 

Adele's sophomore set, 21, is the first major release of the year that has me about to lose my mind in anticipation of hearing it. Every single song that I've heard from it thus far--whether it be a studio version or live performance--has been golden. Adele is returning with 21 to show us that 19 was no fluke. -- Butta
Release date: January 25, 2011

Alicia Keys
I wasn't checking for a new Alicia Keys album until I heard "Speechless" and remembered why Mrs. Beatz is still one of my mainstream favorites. Despite my less than enthusiastic initial feelings about 2009's Element of Freedom, that album did eventually grow on me. I'm hoping that Alicia goes back to basics on her new disc. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Andre 3000

Big Boi's Sir Luscious Left Foot...The Son of Chico Dusty may have not have moved me as much as I wanted it to and Andre 3000's "I Do" was nice and all, but I know I'm not alone when it comes to my unabashed stannery for this man. The Love Below has stood the test of time and only continues to age well like a fine wine, but let's face it: it's been EIGHT LONG YEARS since that piece of soulful ear candy knocked all of us out cold. My nails may just have to remain to be bitten to the quick waiting on an Andre 3000 full-length joint because those guest collaborations will simply never be enough. -- ill Mami
Release date: Unknown

Anita Baker
It is half past time for Anita Baker to make a comeback. Last year El DeBarge did it out of the blue, but in Anita's case her return to the scene has been buzzed about for the last couple of years. There was talk of her linking up with Snoop Dogg for a duet, but I'm hoping that was just a nasty rumor simply conjured up in someone's overactive imagination. Whatever the case, after being honored at the 2010 Soul Train Awards and still regularly delivering amazing performances, this is Anita's time to record another classic album. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Anthony David

Anthony David's As Above, So Below has been in the works for a minute (lead single "4evermore" dropped in '09), and we should have already had this album in our possession, but our patience will be finally rewarded this March. The Setup was a nice appetizer, but bring on the main course already! -- Butta
Release date: March 22, 2011

Anthony Hamilton
Just the mere mention that Anthony Hamilton was in the studio recording back in 2009 made my heart go pitter patter. That's how much I love this man's voice. But here we are two years later and still no album. Maybe this will be the year that we will finally get some new hotness from Mr. Hamilton because it's criminal for a voice like his to be silenced for too long. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

The same way Trey Songz thrived in Chris Brown's absence is the same way Rihanna (and every other brown female pop star) thrives during Beyoncé's break. It's less of a vacation, and more allowing others to have a moment in the spotlight. No word on a single or album release date, but rest assured Beysus Christ and her anointed lace fronts are returning in 2011. -- ChrisAlexander
Release date: Unknown

Though The Believer isn't due out until later in the year, anticipation is already high thanks to news that Kanye West and longtime collaborator No I.D. will have a heavy hand in the album's production. While his 2008 album, Universal Mind Control, left me feeling so-so, my love for all things Lonnie Lynn still stands tall. Here's to hoping that 2011 is the year that Com gets his musical groove back. -- Ivory
Release date: Unknown

Corinne Bailey Rae
Last year this time we were knee deep in Corinne Bailey Rae's The Sea, and it's surprising--although quite welcome--that we're getting more new music from her with The Love EP so soon. But you won't find me complaining. With the exception of one or two songs, the last album didn't grab me like her debut did. Perhaps this EP of remakes with the CBR touch will be more my speed. I already loved "Is This Love" and I didn't hate "I Wanna Be Your Lover,"   so I think that Corinne is headed in the right direction with these new musical tapas. -- Butta 
Release date: January 25, 2011

Try as we might, we just can't quit D'Angelo. Or at least we can't quit having the desire for him to return with a third album as good as or better than the first two and erase any traces of this past decade that we were left to suffer. Sure, we've heard random songs here and there, but they've been such a d-ck tease. Dammit, we still want to know how it feels, how D sounds, and what he looks like. Although at this point we wouldn't care if he looked the black Big Pun as long as that meant that we'd definitely a new album from this dude. This is the longshot of the year, for sure. -- Butta
Release date: Neverary 2011

After winning two major competitions in 2010--the Soul Beach Music Festival and Budweiser Superfest Battle for the Crown--off the strength of his talent, it's time for Darien to put his "beer money" to good use and release a new album in 2011. He produced an awesome debut with a limited budget on If These Walls Could Talk, so I can only imagine what magic he'll create now that he has more capital to go round. Until his new album surfaces, his collaboration with Reel People on the blazing song "Sure" tiding us over quite nicely. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Deborah Bond
Deborah Bond and her band Third Logic are coming back strong with her upcoming album, Madam Palindrome. If you heard the sampler that she dropped late last year, then you don't need much convincing. But having heard some of the cuts in their entirety, rest assured that DeBo has a winner on her hands, which will soon be in yours. Fans of soul and acid jazz, Incognito and Fertile Ground will love this one. -- Butta
Release date: Spring 2011

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah

It's been almost a year since DJ Jazzy Jeff and his new muse Ayah dropped their sampler for This Way at SXSW that was damn-near an album in and of itself. We were supposed to get this last year as well, but although it's been delayed, I have been assured that it is indeed coming in 2011. Jeff and Ayah have been working too long and too hard in the studio for this to not be a monster when it does drop. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Eric Roberson

According to Erro, his new album is approximately 80% done, which means that I am 100% happy. After racking up back-to-back GRAMMY nominations with music from our 2009 Album of the Year, Music Fan First, best believe that there will be no half-stepping on Eric Roberson's as-yet-untitled new album due later this year. He's already teased fans, stans, and those of us with serious cases of Errobsession with a new song with Choklate and with a few snippets during an exclusive Ustream session. If what I've heard is any indication, Roberson will need to buy a new trophy case for all of the accolades he will undoubtedly rack up. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Believe it or not, but I do not own one Ginuwine album. That's all about to change in February when Elgin is released, though. I am really looking forward to hearing what Ginuwine is bringing to the table on his newest offering because from all that I've heard thus far, the album is shaping up to be quite solid, quite grown, and quite enjoyable. His peers can't say the same. -- Butta
Release date: February 15, 2011

Goodie Mob
As a longtime fan of Goodie Mo. B, I was crushed when original member Cee-Lo Green left the group and even more saddened when the group's first release post-Cee-Lo was a mega-disappointment. So imagine my joy when learning that the group reunited and was hard at work on a new project. While I'm happy for Mr. Green and his solo success, I can't help but long for the days when his singing was interspersed with his raps. This is one hip-hop release I'll be looking forward to. -- Ivory
Release date: Unknown

Although I still love India. Arie the same as I did when I first heard "Video" back in the day, my love for her albums has decreased with each release. Open Door is scheduled to arrive this summer, and I'm hoping that the trend is reversed. India and her music have evolved, but I miss that hippie soul chick who looked like she'd be selling flowers on the side of the road if she wasn't singing. -- Butta
Release date: Summer 2011

Jay Electronica
Now that Jay Electronica has been finally signed to Roc Nation with the promise of an album in this year's first quarter, all of us Jay stans can rest assured that we'll no longer have to cull his works together from the far-flung reaches of the internet to assemble our own Jay Elec playlists. Jay may not have the best stage presence--something we're hoping he's working on along with the upcoming album's tracks--but he does know how to skillfully execute a rhyme. I know that I'm not alone when I cross out yet another day until his new project is revealed. -- ill Mami
Release date: Unknown

Jesse Boykins III

I can't wait to get my hands on Jesse Boykins III's Love Apparatus. OK, maybe that didn't sound right, but he sounds oh-so-right on the first single "B4 the Night is Thru," which I have not been able to stop listening to. Our fluffy-haired SoulBounce fave was supposed to release this last year, but he's taken more time to work on the project. Boykins is bringing love and romance back to soul music, and I expect nothing less than greatness from this young man. -- Butta
Release date: Spring 2011

Jill Scott
Jill Scott is still in label limbo litigation with Hidden Beach, so there's no telling when that case will be settled and when her highly-anticipated album, The Light of the Sun, will see the light of the day. I have it on good authority, however, that at the very least it is highly likely that we will get a greatest hits album from Jill, which will supposedly satisfy her contract obligations and give her free. We'll see if that all comes to pass, but after last year's heartbreakingly beautiful "Hear My Call" I am more than ready to take a long walk with some new Jilly from Philly. -- Butta 
Release date: Unknown

Kelly Price
With not just one but two ridiculously good singles, a GRAMMY nomination, and a voice that can still crack faces and lead other singers to consider early retirement, how could I not want to get my hands on Kelly Price's forthcoming album, Kelly? I never realized how much I missed this woman's voice and her presence on the soul scene until she came back with these impressive new tunes. If the rest of the album is anywhere near as good, Kelly and Kelly will be a problem. -- Butta
Release date: March 29, 2011

Lalah Hathaway
Lalah Hathaway is one of my favorite soul singers period. Along with her father, and one or two others, I could happily survive on her (and their) music alone. Her voice just does things to me that very few others can do. I'm anticipating another classic album, which word has it she is in the process of recording. Bring it on! -- SoulUK
Release date: Unknown

Lauryn Hill
Ah, Queen Lauryn, the groundhog of the music world. In 2010, she remained out of the maternity ward long enough to hit the stage for a string of questionable, inconsistent performances, increasing anticipation for new, sensible, classic, non-experimental, non-acoustic music from the former Fugee. Arriving an hour late to a show, she recently told a crowd she was "worth the wait." It has yet to be seen how true this is. Let's not delude ourselves into thinking "Repercussions" was some type of grand return to form. I shall keep hope alive, however. -- ChrisAlexander
Release date: Unknown

Word is that my girl Ledisi's new album is complete, and I'm expecting a new single from her any day now. Whenever it comes and whatever she comes with, I know that it will be ridiculously good. Hot on the heels of Lost And Found (2007) and Turn Me Loose (2009), I'm anticipating more musical magic from this woman this year because she is capable of nothing less. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Mark de Clive-Lowe & Sy Smith

Much like cheese and burgers, Mark de Clive-Lowe and Sy Smith make a great combination. The music maker MdCL pulls the best out of Sy, and together they have already created some big tunes. I cannot imagine what an entire album from these two will sound like, but my iPod and dancing shoes are looking forward it. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Marsha Ambrosius

I have to admit that Marsha Ambrosius has had me scared for the past few years. From 2007's Neo Soul Is Dead messtape up through last year's "Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)," my side-eye has stayed woke. But leave it to her Sextape series and the beautiful song and powerful video for "Far Away" to restore my faith in the Songtress. Now whether or not Late Nights & Early Mornings will deliver the goods is another matter, but for the first time in a long time, I'm actually looking forward to finding out. -- Butta
Release date: March 1, 2011

Mary J. Blige
Just when I thought that Mary J. Blige was back on track with 2007's Growing Pains she went and dropped the wackness that was Stronger withEach Tear. It wasn't until I saw Mary in concert last year that I was assured that she is still the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul with a stunning live performance, but I need her next album, which she has confirmed will be released this year, to reflect that greatness. If anybody can regain their VIP status, it's MJB. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

When Maxwell first announced plans for his ambitious blacksummer'snight trilogy, the initial plan was to release all three albums in as many years. While he didn't quite stick to that schedule following the 2009 release of BLACKsummer'snight, plans to release the second installment, blackSUMMERS'night, in 2011 seem pretty official, thanks to signed holiday cards that went out to industry insiders this past December. After the deliciousness that was his last release, we certainly hope he keeps his word with this one. -- Ivory
Release date: Unknown

Melanie Fiona

It took a few spins for Melanie Fiona's first single from The MF Life, "Gone & Never Coming Back," to move me, but now that it has I'm definitely moved to buy the new album when it comes out in a few months. Mel has pipes, but I hope that we hear more of her personality on this new album. She needs some classic material to separate her from the R&B pack, and I pray that she's happened upon some such songs this time around. -- Butta
Release date: Spring 2011

Mint Condition

Going 20 years strong, Mint Condition is one of the most talented and underrated acts in modern soul music. It's unfortunate that being a band is a novelty today, but what isn't rare is people's desire for good music, which Mint consistently delivers. With Stokley still singing his face off and the band playing their asses off, it's a foregone conclusion that their new set will be another winner. I'm looking forward to the album, no doubt, but I'm moreso looking forward to the live performances that will follow. -- Butta
Release date: Spring 2011

Musiq Soulchild
Unlike many of his contemporaries, Musiq Soulchild has yet to release a bad or weak album. Even the ones that didn't have commercial hits still had the bomb album cuts. With the exception of that one song, he always delivers the goods. What he hasn't delivered, however, is that sixth album of his that was supposed to come out last spring. I do have faith that we will see this new Musiq record this year and it will be just as stellar as the others. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown


It's officially official: Phonte will release his solo album this year. The Velvet Teddy Bear of The Foreign Exchange and one-half of Little Brother has said that he never felt the need to release one until now, and Lawd I cannot wait. He's come into his own as a singer/songwriter, but word on the curb is that his solo jawn will be primarily rhyming, which is fine with me. He is guaranteed to display the same lyrical dexterity and witty wordplay we've come accustomed to from him. Whatever Tay does will be "hell yeah" wrapped in "damn good" with an "oh sh-t, son!" bow on top. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown


Since revealing The Last Zulu, Q-Tip's next project that he'll begin recording in February will be recorded in three different languages--French, Spanish, and English--my nerdy parts went all akimbo with excitement. Q-Tip has never disappointed during his entire career, whether as a lyricist with A Tribe Called Quest or solo, or as a producer on various projects such as concocting classic beats for those such as Nas, Mobb Deep, and the upcoming Kanye West & Jay-Z project. Tip's ability to create an accessible sound using the most eclectic of sources has always proved him well, as it undoubtedly will on his upcoming album. -- ill Mami
Release date: Unknown

Building on the success of their debut album shouldn't be hard for Quadron. People are hungry for the follow-up to 2009's Quadron, and all of the singles and remixes have been nice but it's time for something hot and fresh out of the oven. Word is that they are cooking up something new, and if it's anything as good as the first album then we're all in for a treat. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Rahsaan Patterson

Rahsaan Patterson's Bleuphoria shot to the top of my albums I can't wait to get list with one listen of his single "Easier Said Than Done." He's another one who could sing rings, bracelets, and necklaces around most folks on the radio today. Thankfully we'll have another album from him in our hands in a matter of months to groove us right into the warmer days ahead. -- Butta
Release date: Spring 2011

Raphael Saadiq
After 2008's retro-soul masterpiece, The Way I See It, Raphael Saadiq is sticking with the tried-and-tested (and bankable) throwback sound, albeit with a modern twist. Said to be influenced by some of the more recent Scandinavian soul acts such as Little Dragon (Yukimi Nagano is a featured vocalist) and Quadron, 2011 could become Saadiq's year when Stone Rollin' rolls into stores this spring. -- SoulUK
Release date: March 22, 2011

Reel People

To date, Reel People Present Golden Lady by Reel People is the only album that I have already heard out of all of the newness in store in 2011. One word: Wow! Half new Reel People material and half a compilation of previously released RP edits of other performer's songs, Golden Lady has been in heavy rotation. Darien's "Sure" and Tony Momrelle's rendition of "Golden Lady" were both enough to make me love this joint, but there's so much more goodness to be had. Look out for a full review and for this one next month. -- Butta
Release date: February 28, 2011

Ryan Leslie
When he first came out, I wasn't too keen on Ryan Leslie, but "You're Not My Girl" (which still kicks, by the way) turned me into a fan. I'm quite curious to see what he has in store on his new album, Les Is More, which will be his first release as an independent artist. Now that RLes is in total control it will be interesting to see how this record fares. -- Butta    
Release date: July 4, 2011

Saunders Sermons

Throughout last year, Saunders Sermons teased us with new music from his next album, Just What She Needs. We should have already gotten this one to upgrade our music collections, but we just have a few more weeks to wait according to the master musician and signer. Sermons has found the sweet spot between soul and jazz in his music, and this new collection will surely hit the spot. -- Butta
Release date: March 2011

Syleena Johnson
Syleena Johnson's story isn't over yet, and we'll get another musical page-turner when she releases Chapter 5: Underrated later this year. That album title is on point because Syleena is one of the most underrated soul singers of our time. Now that she's an indie artist, she's doing things her way and we're rooting for her. I definitely want her to get material on this new collection that is as great as her voice. -- Butta

Release date: Unknown

The other day I just so happened to go to Tamia's website, and I could have danced a jig after reading that she was putting the finishing touches on her new album. I love Tamia not just because she's my sister in freckles but because she can sing like an angel. I don't think that she has ever gotten her due props (and commensurate record sales), but she's an artist whose records I would buy just on G.P. because she's just that good. I can tell already that this will probably make its way onto my "Best of 2011" playlist. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown


It's fair to say that out of all of the albums that I'm looking forward to this year, that Tweet's Love, Tweet is the one that has had the most false starts. This album has allegedly been coming out since 2007. Then it was 2008. Then it was 2010. Now here it is 2011 and it looks as if it'll finally be coming to pass. And the minute I get hold of it I'll probably pass out from sheer surprise and because Tweet's voice just has that effect on me. Unless she releases a complete album with Waka Flaka or Gucci Mane, I'm expecting another home run with the bases loaded from the southern hummingbird. -- Butta
Release date: Unknown

Willow Smith

If there was an award for "Inescapable Song of 2010," Willow Smith, the pre-teen, pre-scandal offspring of Hollywood heavyweights Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, would certainly own it. While her debut "Whip My Hair" had young and old alike swinging both actual and imaginary ponytails, matching the widespread appeal of the song will not be an easy feat. She's got more energy than many of her peers, but let's see her whip her longevity back and forth. An impressive debut album will surely help. -- ChrisAlexander
Release date: Unknown

Vikter Duplaix

He may have gotten sidetracked last year, coming this close to being crowned Master of the Mix, but we haven't forgotten that Vikter Duplaix owes us an album. After dropping slinky electro soul jam "Electric Love" in 2009, we were sure that 2010 would find Love Machine in our hands, but we'll have to wait until this year for it. Which is fine if he takes his time and does it right and creates more dopeness like "Morning Fun." -- Butta
Release date: Unknown


It looks like Zo! is trying out for the crown of "hardest working man in soul music." After he released the brilliant just visiting too... (2009) and the epic Sunstorm (2010), as well as having had a hand in projects from YahZarah and The Foreign Exchange, he is set to release the third installment of his just visiting series in 2011. Where he's going to visit next is anyone's guess, but I can't wait to take the ride with him. -- SoulUK
Release date: Unknown

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