Feel The Heat Of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Hotter Than July’ Documentary

Let me just preface this post by stating this: below is a nearly hour-long BBC documentary of Stevie Wonder's 1980-1981 US Tour that originally aired in 1981. Oh. Em. Gee. Not only does this documentary feature one of my favorite albums from my childhood and from my life, but it also chronicles his appearance at the Washington, D.C. rally in celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday before it became a national holiday. For those unacquainted, Stevie was highly instrumental in having Dr. King's birthday recognized as a national holiday, especially since "Happy Birthday," the last track on Hotter Than July, was dedicated to Dr. King in addition to him being heavily featured in the liner notes (remember those?). I can fondly remember my parents taking me to see Stevie perform during this tour, and now I can wistfully remember those times as well as gaining a peek into Stevie's innervisions by curling up and watching this. Did I also happen to mention that Stevie performs a Jermaine Jackson-less version of "Let's Get Serious," the song Stevie penned, at 41:45? Or the awesome sequined backup singers? No? Ok then. Thanks so much to Speeakz for pointing us in the right direction. 

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