Kelly Price Sets Stokley Straight On ‘Not My Daddy’

When I heard that the title of Kelly Price's new single was "Not My Daddy," I feared for the worst. I don't know why, but all I could picture was a Maury situation with neck rolling and finger pointing put to music. Thankfully, my imagination was in overdrive, and my fears were quelled after I pressed play and the soulful sounds of Kelly and Stokley, of Mint Condition fame, filled my ears. Their voices complement each other so well that I'm left wondering why they are just now collaborating. These are two singing-ass-singers, and they deliver a powerful duet about the trials and tribulations of relationships. Between this and the GRAMMY-nominated "Tired," Price is two-for-two. (Actually, she's three-for-three if you count "Four Women.") This track makes me extremely excited to hear Kelly and very hungry to hear new music from Mint Condition, who is also releasing an album this year.

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