We Hope That Amy Winehouse Still Has This ‘Magic’

In a perfect world, a leaked track and a spate of performance dates would signal a new project
from our favorite out-of-the spotlight artist. However, thanks to troubled folks like Lauryn
, we've come to take those clues with a grain of salt. While we hope for the good news,
doubt and cynicism prevent us from even thinking about holding our breaths. Well in Amy
's case, I'm not quite sure what to think. After a very public meltdown that played
out on the pages of blogs and tabloids across the world, the troubled singer hit the stage this past weekend in Brazil for the first time since 2008 and actually made it through her set. And now longtime collaborator/producer Salaam Remi recently
leaked a live recording of "Mr. Magic," which initially appeared on the UK Version of Winehouse's
hit debut, Frank. Her voice is in top form on this reworked version of Grover Washington, Jr.'s
classic, "Mister Magic." Even though her third album missed its' 2010 release date, we're still holding out hope that Ms. Winehouse has cleaned up her act and returned to what she does
best--making damned good music like this.

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