Wiz Khalifa Names His Album After Something Weed Related, No One Is Surprised

In a move about as shocking as revelations that news of Mary J. Blige's
admission to Howard University was the opposite of true, proud puffer Wiz Khalifa has revealed that his forthcoming major label debut
will be titled Rolling Papers. To say "I'm not surprised" would
be a bigger understatement than labeling Kelly Rowland simply "washed
up." We get it. Wiz loves Mary Jane. Hell, he released a blunt-rolling tutorial literally days after a drug-related arrest. I've heard very little from
him that isn't intended as "get high music." Depending on your stance (and on how far under the influence you are), I suppose one could
say he simply knows his lane, like fellow herbal aficionado and his occasional smoking buddy, Snoop Dogg,
perhaps the most creatively stagnant artist on earth. Maybe he's just embracing his niche. Lil Wayne: cokehead classics. Diddy: faux-thug fantasies. Snoop and Wiz Khalifa: stoner songs. It kind of makes sense. I can admit to actually asking, "What is a Wiz Khalifa and is it contagious?" on a few occasions. Now, I can't frequent a music blog without seeing the debut of "Smoke Til You Drop" or whatever smoker's anthem he's dropping that day. Provided he can avoid those pesky drug charges, Rolling Papers is set to drop on March 29th via Atlantic. Weedheads rejoice.

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