Bell Biv Devoe Bring ‘Poison’ & ‘Do Me’ To Jimmy Fallon

Despite not especially loving Jimmy Fallon as a host of a late night talk show, I must say that he definitely brings it in the musical department. Aside from obviously having The Roots as the show's house band, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has had such guests as Christopher Cross who rocked out with his guitar out, R.Kelly who gave a great performance of songs from his latest Love Letter, and yesterday brought Christmas early to every kid who had any memory from 1990 by featuring the reuniting of Bell Biv Devoe. After I turned my Guess overalls inside out, stretched out my bum hip, and decided upon a sports bra as an appropriate alternative to a shirt, I was able to delight in reliving their classics "Poison" and "Do Me." Ricky Bell sounded great as ever, their fashion choices--notably a Celtics green vest with a pocket square--were deplorable, and the fingerpointing was in full effect. In summation, it was live. Check out "Poison" below and "Do Me" after the bounce. 

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