Obenewa Wants You To Put Yourself In Her ‘Shoes’

I've always wondered whether there was any truth to the idea that musical prowess runs in families. For every example I'm aware of (Donny and Lalah instantly come to mind), there are countless cases of musical icons growing up in homes with very un-musical parents/siblings. It's not something I've devoted much thought to, rather just a passing moment here and there. Well if by any chance you are interested in this theory--for whatever reason--then let me present you with some more ammo to backup your case. Talented singer/songwriter Obenewa is well known on the London live scene. She released a well received mixtape at the end of 2009 and then spent 2010 performing various gigs and showcases, including a support slot for Marsha Ambrosius. 2011 will see Obenewa release her long-awaited debut EP, Once Upon A Time, a collection of acoustic tracks featuring Obenewa on both vocals and guitar. To get back to the point I made at the beginning of the article, Obenewa is the sister of another immensely talented UK vocalist, Nadine Charles, who we have featured here before. Feast your eyes on her EPK after the bounce, which features a performance of the track "Put Yourself In My Shoes", and keep an ear out for the EP at the end of February.

After the bounce

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  • SimplyChaos

    Very nice! Can't wait for the EP. 🙂

  • theatricaaaaal harmony

    I love this... I'm about to learn it on the piano right now...

  • dynamicproducer

    You know an artist is talented when they're great live and acoustic.


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