V.Rich Has Something ‘New’ In Store

Back in November we gave you the scoop on V.Rich's new mixtape, Before the Addiction, with the release of the first single, "Brand New." We were expecting to get the mixtape later that month, but it's been delayed slightly and will now be released on March 17th. Knowing V. and all cliches aside, the delay will be worth the wait and to tide us over until we get Before the Addiction in our hands, he's released a video for "Brand New" directed by fellow DMV soul scenester, W. Ellington Felton. There are about two special effects too many in this video, but overall it's an enjoyable watch seeing the on-screen love between V. and his leading lady blossom in and around Ben's Chili Bowl. Speaking of Ben's, if you're in the Washington, DC area, then you can catch V.Rich at Ben's Next Door on Tuesday, February 22nd for his mixtape listening party and be amongst the first to not only get an advance listen but to possibly get your hands on Before the Addition before the rest of the world and hear him perform, which is always a dope experience. 

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