Will You ‘Fall In Love’ With This New Marsha Ambrosius Track?

While we wait impatiently for the release of Late Nights & Early Mornings on March 1st, Marsha Ambrosius and her tour DJ, DJ Aktive, have blessed us with an unreleased track, which will be included as a bonus cut on the album. "Why Did I Fall In Love" relies heavily on a sample of Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers' "Why Do Fools Fall In Love," covered famously by Diana Ross. The track takes on an early '90s boom-bap feel, complete with the obligatory turntable scratches, which actually suits the sample well, even if it's a little too obvious. Overall I think it's a cool bonus track, but I'm going to need Marsha step it up for the main course. Take a listen and download the track below. [H/T: Y2KD]

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