You Won’t Be Able To ‘Leave’ This Liam Bailey Track Alone

I know I bang on and on about how great British music is both here and on Twitter, but there really are some undiscovered gems just waiting for an opportunity to make themselves heard. UK vocalist Liam Bailey is definitely one of the lucky ones, having been signed to Amy Winehouse's Lioness Records imprint, releasing two EPs, and now getting a major deal for his upcoming, Salaam Remi produced, full-length LP. The first single from the album, "You Better Leave Me," has Remi's signature production style but with a little dub thrown into the mix and Liam's husky, rich vocals running over the top. The video, while visually pleasing, isn't anything out of the ordinary, but that kind of works as it leaves Liam's vocals to take center stage. Definitely one to watch.

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