This Ladi6 Video Delivers Quite A ‘Bang’

When I first heard Ladi6's "Bang Bang" back in October, its infectious beat and her sultry voice made this song an instant favorite of mine. The New Zealand native has finally put the song in video form from her sophomore album, The Liberation Of.... Filled with performance footage and shots of the singer/rapper on the beach and in other locations, the sunshine-filled clip is a perfect visual companion to the song. While she has yet to bring her performance to a stateside stage, she has already shared billing with the likes of Mos Def, Alicia Keys, The Roots, and Gil Scott-Heron. Since BBE Records re-released her debut album, Time Is Not Much, internationally in 2010, we can only hope there are plans on the horizon for an international release of The Liberation Of.... In the meantime, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and settle for this. And if this video doesn't make you want to clap your hands, then it will at least make you wish to be transported to a beach with balmy breezes and palm trees.

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