Badu Reminds You That It’s ‘Your Funeral’ For Loving Her

In a kind of ridiculously candid (but highly stylized and watchable) video from the folks over at Creative Control, Erykah Badu sings an extended version of "Fall In Love (Your Funeral)" in a studio. There, she nurses her youngest child as Jay Electronica naps on a nearby couch. (Family time!) The song is essentially the chorus repeated over and over again but Badu is Badu -- the woman has a spellbinding aura. She quasi-performs for the camera and the vibe is pretty sleepy, giving a nice slant to a song that could easily get the sassy succubus video treatment. It's also easy to attempt to apply the lyrics to her current relationship in this video; one of the last shots is of Badu, Electronica, and their child lounging as they might in the comfort of their home.

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