Big Boi & Janelle Monáe Want You To ‘Be Still’ & Watch Their Video

Making its debut on Pitchfork today, the "Be Still" video from Big Boi's most recent album, Sir Lucious
...The Son Of Chico Dusty, featuring Janelle Monáe, is probably earning some mixed reviews. There's a lot going on, that's
for sure. It's a comic book, it's a club scene, and it's using a green screen pretty much all at once. You
can see the influence of Big Boi in the video, what with cheerleaders sporting "Daddy Fat Saxxx" uniforms,
but you can't miss Janelle's futuristic funk influence. The crazy, beautiful, moonlight blue-hued
cinematography and, of course, the presence of an accompanying band seems to be all her. I'm not so
sure the other scenes, such as street gambling, go well with the synth-heavy, happy melody, but the
video is generally enjoyable nonetheless.

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  • stoneyisland

    Janelle is one of the finest sista's I have ever laid eyes on. She is just beautiful. Just so easy to look at........................

  • the video disappeared from pitchfork, and then the only way to find it on youtube was through some bootleg site. did they pull it because it's kind of a crappy video?? just curious.

  • Damiso Lockhart


  • Mimi Sunshine

    I like the song but the video didn't hold my attention.
    I did like the life sized cheerleaders though. It was ruined with that pale ghostly model close up...that scared me and I had to look at another window. And Janelle is really pretty but she is killing me with the Darth Vader outfit. At least the video was not offensive.


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