Does Brian McKnight ‘Fall’ Short With His Latest?

We haven't heard much from Brian McKnight since 2009's Evolution Of A Man came and went. He's now resurfaced on our radios with the new single, "Fall 5.0," from his upcoming
album, Just Me. And it leaves me thinking this just isn't him. I am not pleased. The light, airy, bouncy
track is tolerable, but not anything majorly appealing. The lyrics are decent, and kind of sweet even, but
definitely not the ones that used to make his fans swoon. The only thing that would have pushed this
single past mediocrity would have been his voice. Sadly, we don't even hear it in its true form, because
he decided to use the annoying and completely unnecessary Auto-Tune. I'm interested in hearing what
the response will be from other fans, but as far as this fan goes, I'm disappointed and a little depressed. This
single doesn't stop me from looking forward to his album release; I'm fully expecting him to turn this
around. I'll just be listening to "One Last Cry" on repeat until he does.

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