For Your Consideration: Nominate SoulBounce For The 2011 Black Weblog Awards!

The Black Weblog Awards are back to honor the best and brightest in the Black blogosphere for another year, but 2011 finds a few changes coming to the awards. This year, the BWAs have been bumped up from the summer to the spring to accommodate an actual awards ceremony, which will happen on July 9th in conjunction with the Blogging While Brown conference taking place July 8-10 in Los Angeles, CA. This is definitely a major, positive change, but one thing that hasn't changed, however, is SoulBounce's desire to win another Black Weblog Award. We're proud recipients of BWAs for Best Music Blog and Best Blog Design in 2008 and Best Music Blog in 2010. In 2011, we want to carry on our winning ways, but first we have to be nominated -- and that's where our awesome SoulBouncers come in.

Nominations are currently being accepted at the Black Weblog Awards website through May 7th, and we humbly request nominations in the following categories:

Best Blog Post Series

In late 2010, SoulBounce decided to pay homage to 30 albums that turned 20 years old last year with our Class of 1990 series. For 30 days we profiled albums such as Bell Biv Devoe's Poison, En Vogue's Born To Sing, LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out, Mariah Carey and Lalah Hahaway's self-titled debuts, and much, much more, adding personal anecdotes to critical reviews of these albums 20 years later. Reaction to this series was incredible, causing memories to be triggered
while revisiting a bygone era of music that left us with so many
classic recordings.

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Best Group Blog

SoulBounce is a team effort, and my team is pretty tight if you ask me. This site is staffed by music lovers who are also lovers of the written word and can write our collective tails off. Many voices come together at SoulBounce to create a haven for soul music lovers to discover and discuss the music that means so much to us all.

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Best Music Blog

For obvious reasons. This needs no explanation.

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Best Writing in a Blog

The writing at SoulBounce is often critical, sometimes witty, and always engaging. We have a lot to say around these parts, and we don't hold our tongues --
whether it's about something we love or something we detest -- which our visitors have come to respect even if they don't always agree with us. SoulBounce has made a name for ourselves in urban music blogging by making sure that our content is consistently well-written and properly edited.   

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Blog of the Year

Why should SoulBounce be nominated for Blog of the Year? Why not? A music blog has never won Blog of the Year (let alone been nominated for this honor to the best of my knowledge), but if any blog can do it, then SoulBounce can. Right, SoulBouncers?

URL to enter on the BWA nomination page:

Thanks in advance to everyone who nominates SoulBounce for the 2011 Black Weblog Awards. We'll find out on May 16th what, if anything, we've been nominated for when voting commences on that day. Stay tuned and keep bouncing!

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