Join Jimmy Fallon In ‘Doing Lines’ On ‘Dance Avenue’

The comedy on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is either hit or miss most nights, but every once in a while Jimmy Fallon drops a bonafide gem such as he did last night with this Dance Avenue sketch. According to Fallon, Dance Avenue was a television show where he learned how to dance in the '80s that was now available on DVD much to his delight. In the clip that he showed, the similarities to Questlove's favorite show, Soul Train, were endless -- from the cocaine-induced fashions and activator-powered hairstyles of the day to the Dance Avenue dance line. Speaking of cocaine, the song that the dancers danced down the line to was entitled "Doing Lines," sung by Jimmy, of course, who also played a few different dancers alongside some members of The Roots. My description is hardly doing the comedy to be had on this clip any justice at all. If you watched Soul Train in the '80s, you will be able to relate to the madness of this and get a hearty laugh. 

On a personal note: Dear DJ Stylus, Jahsonic, and Adrian Loving, I'm gonna need to hear this jam at the next Axel F party.

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