Raheem DeVaughn Shows Us How To ‘Breathe’

Far be it for me to question why Raheem DeVaughn is releasing new videos for old songs. You won't hear a peep out of me complaining about him digging in his crates, pulling out a video camera, and getting busy -- so to speak. Last week he dropped new visuals for the song "Mo Betta" from 2008's Love Behind the Melody, and now he reaches back even further to 2005 to bring us a video for one of my favorite Raheem songs of all time, "Breathe," from his stellar debut, The Love Experience.
These previously released tunes have found a second life on his mixtape, Heemy Taught Me, and it's a smart move to pump out these new videos if you ask me. What better way to renew interest in your back catalog and satisfy fans such as myself who yearn for that Raheem of old? And satisfaction is surely guaranteed in "Breathe" where DeVaughn takes on the role of masseuse and lays hands on the female lead. Raheem looks like he has some skills, and I'm looking forward to what other surprises and videos he has up his sleeve. Although "Ask Yourself" isn't on Heemy Taught Me, I swear to God if he makes a video for that joint, my life will officially be complete.



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