Ryan Leslie Switches His Style Up To Get Some ‘Glory’

Just when I had begun to wrap my mind around the fact that I was becoming a serious Ryan Leslie fan after getting into more than a few of his songs and seeing him go hard on stage during a live performance, he has decided to make a left turn. No, he hasn't gone country, but he has decided to go all hip hop on his new single, "Glory," which made its iTunes and video debut this week. Word is that his summer release, Les Is More, will feature more rapping than singing. Oh, great. Nothing against Ryan as a rapper -- he's spit bars before in previous songs of his -- but he's not exactly spitting that hot fiyah. His skills are closer on the rapper flow chart to Diddy than Black Thought. In "Glory," he basically whines raps about not getting his props despite how great he is. Really, dude? Far be it for me to say c'mon son...but C'MON SON! The video itself of various scenes of RLes on stages, in the studio, and living the good life, is black and white and just aight all over. Watching it felt like something I've seen way too many times before. Rock out with Ryan right here and see if his rapping and this video is for you.

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