The Mixologists: Keyknow’s ‘House Arrest’

WARNING: Listening to this mix may cause an increased heart rate, sweating in places you didn't know you could sweat, clothing removal, and/or involuntary body movements, such as jacking, fancy footwork, soul clapping, and waving your hands in the air like you just don't care. Our resident Mixologist Keyknow has outdone himself for the month of April. He already broke us off a couple weeks ago with a little Eclectic Relaxation, and now he celebrates his birthday, which fell this past Wednesday, with a gift for the soulful house heads with House Arrest. Featuring tunes by Eric Roberson, Shea Soul, Jennifer Hudson, JSOUL, LeNora Jaye, and numerous others, you'll want to stay locked in your house with this on repeat. Press play and get ready to enjoy this house music all night long. Say what?! House. Music. All. Night. Long. 

Keyknow House Arrest [Download 1][Download 2]


Eric Roberson - She Went Away (Yoruba Soul Mix)
LeNora Jaye - Always Get Away (Ahmed Sirour Rework)
DJ Man-X feat. Sara Devine - All I Need Is You (Man-X Sunset Nights Vocal)
Jonny Montana feat. Pete Simpson - Maybe We Could Be Free (House Mix)
Micky More feat. Angela Johnson - Too Late (Fanatix Remix)
Aphreme & JSOUL - Take Your Heart (Original Mix)
Jennifer Hudson & Keith Robinson - Family (Blaze Roots Vocal Mix)
Temple Movement feat. Kelli Sae - Effortlessly (Club Temple Main)
Reelsoul feat. Dawn Tallman - Quiet Place (Original Vocal)
Kenny Bobien - About Love Pt. 1 (Groove Assassin Original Mix)
SMI feat. Shea Soul - Just Fine
DJ Dealer feat. Inaya Day - My All (Hideo Kobayashi Remix)

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