This Nikka Costa Remix Has The Right Amount Of ‘Something’

Nikka Costa's name is not one that I've heard in a while. Though my iTunes will occasionally shuffle to one of her jams, I place her in the same box of promising-but-short careers along with Remy Shand and pre-rehab Mary J. Judging by comments on her YouTube videos, there's a renewed interest in Nikka because of her collaboration with American Idol contestant Adam Lambert. She had a nice, brief run when a handful of songs from her debut album got placements in ads, as theme songs, and on Grey's Anatomy, but we haven't heard much from her lately. Once the subject of our Behind the Groove series, the big-voiced songstress is on my mind again thanks to funked-up remix of "Everybody Got Their Something" from her debut album by St. Louis representer, Nodzilla. The original, with its understated disco grooves, got a hip hop reworking, and some much-deserved new life. Still funky, but more two-stepping-with-a-rum-and-coke appropriate. I'm digging it. Check it out below and don't miss this other hotness from Nodzilla with his revamping of Erykah Badu's "Real Thang." [H/T: BLS]

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