Applejac Shines A ‘Light’ On Paul Simon With This Remix

Paul Simon isn't normally an artist who we'd cover here at SoulBounce, but we have love for one of our favorite DJ's, Applejac, all day. Multiply our feelings for him by our jones for a good soulful house remix, and it was a done deal that we'd be digging his treatment of Paul's "Love Is Eternal Sacred Light," which is his entry in an Indaba Music remix contest for this track. The song can be found on Simon's latest release So Beautiful or So What, and the original isn't a bad little ditty at all. "Love Is Eternal Sacred Light" actually lends itself to a house remix with its thumping percussion and hand claps. Applejac comes to the rescue with his entry, "Applejac's Cosmic Dance Remix," which increases the tempo and the potential for you to sweat the starch out of your clothes once you get into its groove. Applejac needs your vote to take home the $1000 prize and a collection of Audio Technica products. Just click here to vote away, and as a thank you he is giving away a free download of his remix to spruce your playlists up.

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