Is This New Swizz Beatz & Mary J. Collab ‘You’?

Fresh off his guest spot on Musiq's "Anything," Swizz Beatz has leaked "It's You" featuring Queen of Hip Hop Soul, frequent collaborator, and SoulBounce favorite Mary J. Blige. The song, which might or might not appear on Swizzy's upcoming release, Haute Living, finds him waxing poetic about a special lady while still finding the time to floss, name drop designers, and give free advertising to luxury car makers. As a rapper, Swizz doesn't really do much for me, and I think this song would've been better in the hands of someone a little more gifted in the lyrics department (like perhaps Drake, who Swizzy and Mary collaborated with for "Fancy"). Still, the song has some appeal thanks to honeyed vocals contributed by MJB on the hook and a smooth yet very basic beat. Seeing as it's light years better than the dismal first single, "Everyday (Coolin')," this should be a definite lock to make the album. Take a listen below.

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