Kevin Michael & THEY Admire Your ‘FatBack’

Before Jesse Boykins III's fluffy afro bounced its way into my hair fantasies, my fingers itched to tangle themselves into the voluminous mass that sat atop Kevin Michael's head. When Kevin burst on the scene back in 2007, he was being hailed as Atlantic Records' newest force-to-be-reckoned with. Yet, while his debut single, "We All Want the Same Thing," rippled the musical waters a bit, his rising star seemingly faded, and Atlantic promptly showed him the proverbial door.

Fast forward to the present and the still-massively 'fro'd 25-year-old has resurfaced with a new sound, new group and a kinda/sorta new moniker. Referred to now as "the artist formerly known as Kevin Michael" and simply going by the letter "K," the singer has formed a band called THE Youth aka THEY. Their single, an ode to shapely derrieres called "FatBack," is a sharp departure from the saccharine sweet sounds that made K's self-titled album easily forgettable. While the '80s-inspired electro sound isn't converting me to fan status just yet, it's at least put the talented artist back on my radar. Head over to THEY's website to learn more and check out other tracks from the EP, LISA, below, including eyebrow-raisers such as "Freak" and "Areola," and cop the free download.

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