Mary Mary Do Bruno Mars Their ‘Way’

"Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars seems like an unlikely choice for the ladies of Mary Mary to cover, but they thought it was a good fit and did just that for's Mashup Monday series. While the original is a romantic love song sung by a male singer, Mary Mary's rendition is stripped down to just vocals and an acoustic guitar with refocused lyrics on mother-daughter love. "Her lips, her lips I could kiss 'em all day if she let me" seemed like a weird lyric choice to keep when it's followed by the lyric change, "her laugh her, laugh it makes me smile cause I'm her mommy." Overall their version is so sweet and genuine any weirdness or reminder of the original context of the song disappears. We know Mary Mary are good vocalists, so just about any song in their hands will work out. What sells this cover is the sincerity in their vocals and the lovely, necessary sentiment about a little girl being amazing just the way she is. As it turns out, their instincts in choosing this song were right. "Just The Way You Are" is the perfect fit.

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