President Obama Spits Hot Fire In This Spoof

By now we all know that President Barack Obama is cooler than a polar bear's toenails. He continually exhibits that never let 'em see you sweat quality that keeps his supporters supporting and his detractors trying to find new ways to trip him up. Good luck with that. This past weekend's turn of events that found Osama bin Laden catching wreck have found him riding a wave of support that may very well take him straight to a second term. As cool as B.O. is, though, who knew that he could spit hot fire -- or at least his comedic doppelganger Iman Crosson does. Crosson aka Alphacat is back at it with one of his best Obama impressions to date, showing an alternate version of the President's speech from Sunday night officially announcing bin Laden's death with a hip-hop twist. Even though this is a parody, his lyrics are pretty tight, especially coupled with his on-point presidential delivery and hitting his Dougie. Whereas bin Laden's death is no laughing matter, this video is pretty comical for what it is.

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