We ‘Don’t Know Why’ We Haven’t Heard Of Elan Tamara Before

My daily slog through piles of PR emails is usually something I look forward to, albeit tentatively. Most days I'll find that one email that makes sifting through the junk more than worth my while. Yesterdays sifting turned up a gem in the form of a young vocalist who goes by the name Elan Tamara. The press release, typically, makes her sound like the second coming but the following line caught my attention: "she makes music as uncategorizable, as heartfelt and beautifully otherworldly as anything you're likely to hear." If true, it would be impressive as there are only a handful of singers I can think of who genuinely live up to that claim...and I'm pleased to say I can now add Elan to that list. While the "soul" tag might not be the one that instantly springs to mind when you hear her strong, soothing vocals, you can't deny that her voice evokes emotion and makes you feel. "Don't Know Why" is taken from Elan's third EP, Organ, which is due for release on June 6th via Big Dada, but she already has two EPs to her name, 2009's Gold Fishes and last year's Shadows. Press play below then head on over to Elan's SoundCloud page where you can sample more of her sound.

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