Will You ‘Fall’ For This Brian McKnight Video?

When I first heard Brian McKnight's "Fall 5.0," I greeted it with a frown. How could the man who sang "Never Felt This Way" (one of my favorite songs of all time, mind you), "Anytime," "Back At One," and a slew of hits be reduced to using Auto-Tune just to keep up with the Jones? Doesn't he know that the Jones can't sing, which is why they need Auto-Tune, but he can, therefore he doesn't? Note to artists: You don't need to hop on every trend. The video also gets a little trendy by utilizing a four-way split screen 24 style. Unfortunately, only Jack Bauer could save this one. Scenes of Brian driving, singing, and boxing are met with a scene of his leading lady getting dressed up. Unlike 24, though, there's no connection between the scenes to drive the plot. To its' credit, your eyes are kept busy watching each panel to see how it turns out, but it ends with no payoff. In that regard, it matches the song perfectly.   

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