Alicia Keys’ ‘Songs In A Minor’ Gets A Major Re-Release

Long before taking up residency in a quaint little cottage in The Land Outside Her Natural Vocal Range, Alicia Keys was a breath of fresh air for the world of R&B. Her debut, Songs In A Minor, seamlessly meshing contemporary soul and classical music sensibilities, catered equally to the younger soul and R&B listeners and older, more mature ears. With one album, the piano-playing, 20-year-old with the rough edges and reverse cornrows enjoyed lofty critical praise and commercial success that many veteran artists can only hope to achieve over the course of an entire career.
After the bounce

Alicia was the husky-voiced, classically-trained, gorgeous tomboy -- not quite Eve's "pitbull in a skirt," but close -- who lived in the fancy, lush unit above India.Arie's incense-heavy bohemian basement apartment. Being compared to the likes of Lauryn, Aretha, Jill, Prince, and Stevie,
her introduction to the world was often heralded as "genius."  Peers
jumped to work with and laud her, legendary artists celebrated her
arrival and predicted a long and wonderful career. And while her musical
talents and vocal performance were absolutely more refined than her
songwriting skills, she achieved an early goal of hers: making
everyone -- except, of course, India.Arie, her forgotten former
contemporary -- love her.

That was 10 years ago. Since then, she's ditched the braids, scooped up 14 GRAMMYs, become a mother, broken up marriages
records, and continues to produce hits. Sure, we don't hear
"groundbreaking" used as frequently to describe her output, but her
longevity is still commendable. With this week officially marking a
decade since her debut, Alicia released an extended preview of her 10th
Anniversary Songs In A Minor documentary, giving us a look behind
the scenes of the making and aftermath of the album that eventually
sold 11 million copies worldwide. The film, set to be packaged with the collector's edition of the re-release, features new interviews with
Alicia and various collaborators and supporters from her past. Both the Deluxe and Collector's
editions drop June 28th, just two days before her "Piano & I: A One
Night Only Event With Alicia Keys" concert at the Beacon Theater in New

Alicia Keys Songs In A Minor 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition [Amazon pre-order][iTunes pre-order]
Alicia Keys Songs In A Minor 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition
[Amazon pre-order][iTunes pre-order]

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  • awwwwww starting mess! lol. those reverse cornrows are her innocence.

  • j

    The cd was awful the first time around.

  • baybruh

    I always thought she was a better muscian than vocalist and still dont like that album. I know many that swear it's the 2nd cut but outside of a few tracks it was just OK for me

  • Eddiie

    Songs in A Minor is a great album....coulda been even better with a few tweaks, but her second album is a classic. I love the Hip-Hop infusion in her earlier music. I swear Hip-Hop & Soul combined makes some of the illest music the world has ever witnessed. The album version of "Girlfriend" is Hip-Hop Soul at its finest. I might have to cop this re-release.

  • nybruh


  • I may have to sue SoulBounce. The first line of this review made me quite literally LOL and very nearly choke on a crisp potato chip. LMBOooooooo

  • taye diggumsmacks

    One of the most overrated, over-hyped artists and albums in existence. The Grammys she won for SIAM should have gone to J Record's PR/marketing team...

  • Dang, y'all are going in! Lol. SIAM was a good album, imo. Alicia Keys is very talented but typically makes subpar music. That's my beef w he.

  • Tiffani Keaton

    ya know...I simultaneously cringe and revel in the snark here...I also agree that AK is overrated as vocalist and material wise..there are always a gem or two (very rarely more than that) on each album.And the last album was horrid...and whoever said she moved to land outside her natural range should send her an eviction notice. Folks who wanna talk about artists screaming on the track and/or oversinging and do not include AKeys should be forced to listen to No One at maximum volume on repeat until their ears bleed.

  • "Long before taking up residency in a quaint little cottage in The Land Outside Her Natural Vocal Range..." *DEAD*

  • ADR

    Yes that opening line was a great catch Mr. Alexander! 🙂
    But I ask myself: why does she feel the need to do that?
    Why oversing and scream more as of lately?
    Did you watch that short appearence she made on stage with Prince?
    Screaming her lungs out...
    It's not like she can't sing so WHY? O_o
    Anyhow I personally liked SIAM so hype or no hype, I would have bought it anyhow 🙂


    chrisalexander, you write snark like no one else. LOVE. IT.
    as for ms. keys, i, too, got caught up in the j records matrix. at first, i was NOT feeling "fallin'" at all. i just felt like it was an updated negro spiritual minus the compelling backstory. and when i saw the VIDEO, i was repulsed. we see enough brothas in prison, but now we're throwing sistas in orange jumpsuits? that's where we are??
    but i saw her on oprah with--wait for it!!--india, jill, mary mary and yolanda. alicia sang 'fallen'". and played. and cried. and i was hooked.
    then j decided to fuck with me and drag that release date around till june 10. we were still doing record stores then ('member tower??) and i did one every week for a month. i told y'all. i was caught up.
    and disappointed, ultimately. i could hear the promise. there was a lot of raw talent there. but the songs ALL sounded like WHOEVER she was writing / producing with, be it, JD or B. McKnight. or they'd sound like whatever she was influened by, be it the queen of soul or soul brotha #1.
    she's lived up to what i saw in her but not the hype. they had her pegged as the second coming. that's a lot to live up to. and she doesn't.
    but i'm still looking for that new cd this year.

  • rkj

    To me, this is a money grab. An easy way to get people to pony up cash for a reworked album they're already familiar with. SIAM was OK, but hardly a landmark release. Not really sure why it's worth this star treatment.

  • Smarter

    I remember being in high-school pissed when A. Keys straight STOLE all India Arie's Grammys that year...
    And while I could understand, (I mean, I'd rather see Alicia on my screen every 30 minutes, no diss) it's all turned out more or less as I thought it would then.
    Except her and Swizz Beats. Who could've seen that coming?

  • Divo

    I couldn't decide if I wanted to applaud this piece because it made me laugh, or write something because I was offended, because I love Alicia..
    I'll go with my first. Bravo Chris...
    Also, I really enjoyed Songs in A Minor, but the real gem that year was Aaliyah's last album..

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    I bought it the first time around so she got my money a long time ago. Also, The Diary is STILL sh*ttin on everything else she's put out. Re-release that. I'll spend my money again. But not for this, no ma'am. For me it hasn't aged well. I don't even bother playing it anymore.


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