Have A Piece Of Alison Carney’s ‘Japanese Candy’

Alison Carney is prepping for the release of her long-awaited new album, alisonWonderland, and her homebase will get the first listen to the project tonight at her release party/concert in Washington, DC. But for the rest of the world not in the DMV, don't despair because the sweet-voiced beauty has a treat for you to satisfy your soul cravings. On "Japanese Candy," Carney flexes her vocal range over TFOX's electronic production. I never thought to compare the two before, but I'm getting slight Janelle Monáe vibes from Alison on this track. Wonderland (or "Wondaland") seems to be a popular destination of late, and, much like Janelle, Alison makes us feel right at home there.

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