Have An Unhappy ‘B’Day’ With Mark Morrison & Trina

Mark Morrison has lost his damn mind. And here is my theory on how it happened.
Like International Man of Mystery Austin Powers, Morrison was cryogenically frozen immediately following
the success of his 1997 breakout hit "Return of the Mack." He was then thawed in 2011, wrote a song
entitled "B'Day," and created a video using EVERY single element from a mid-'90's music video included
on the Washed Up Artist Comeback Kit Checklist.
Stocking cap? Check. Gyrating women in G-strings? Check
Gold chain? Check.
Gold teeth? Check.
That can be the only explanation for this deliciously awful video. Mark Morrison spews pseudo-pimp
sing-song rhymes over an infectious synth beat, which is suspiciously reminiscent of "Mack." He insists that he
is capable of spending dough, making champagne flow, and making booties pop -- all overrated material
that artists use when they are out of things to say. The Baddest Chick herself shows up in the video as
well, completing the '90's feel with a pile of barrel curls atop her head. If my inner hoodrat didn't like
Trina so much I would have more to say, but honestly she looks quite good so I'll leave it at that.
This song is too janky to be taken seriously, but then again that's the same thing people said
about "Return of the Mack." Where are Zo! and Phonte when you need them?

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