Mara Hruby Keeps It Classy In ‘The Panties’

With a song entitled "The Panties" and her sensual delivery of it, the video for this track could have gone left in so many ways. But Mara Hruby isn't that kind of woman nor that kind of artist. Instead of taking the obvious route to the bedroom on her Mos Def remake, Hruby and director Jesse Boykins III (who has steady been getting his Gordon Parks/Spike Lee on) take us to a beach with Mara fully clothed in her signature mix of vintage glam with a modern twist. Wearing ruby red lips, fingerless lace gloves, and a fur jacket, she leaves much to the imagination, which makes this video and Hruby all the more sexy. I'll take this over seeing any of those thirsty chicks on the music scene half-to-fully naked any day.

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