Marsha Ambrosius Has A Sexy Message For You In ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’

My favorite song from Marsha Ambrosius' solo debut, Late Nights & Early Mornings, is the track of the same name, and I'm so glad that she chose to release it as a single because now we get to see a new video. With a song as sexy as "Late Nights & Early Mornings," Marsha decided to go the classy route and intertwine a safe sex message into the visuals at that. She shows a little skin and has a tasty bit of eye candy for a leading man, but this video is deeper than that, which makes it all the more better and a perfect follow up to the gripping "Far Away" clip. I applaud Marsha for continuing to make outside-of-the-box videos to get people thinking and talking.

I know that he's no longer singing music like this, but I would love to hear Prince cover
this since it sounds so much like something he would have sung back in
the day -- complete with wailing screams, splits, and piano humping. 

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