The Foreign Exchange & Amber And Paris Strother Of KING Sound Sweet As ‘Kisses’

The Foreign Exchange are at it again. Phonte teamed up with ingenues Amber and Paris Strother of KING to give fans "All the Kisses," a song that is quite literally as sweet as a forehead kiss. With the spirit of a Leave It All Behind track, the beat contrasts just enough to create a sense of dynamism that sonically emulates the longing of romance. Yearning is attractive on a man, and it's nice to hear Phonte singing from a love-struck perspective again. He has a certain everyman quality that shows up as vulnerability in his voice, and that element is reflected here to great effect. Amber and Paris, aka "The Sirens," seductively reveal their talent throughout the song but leave you with an insatiable craving for more. It's almost as if their voices are delicate, delicious wisps of sound floating on air. Between their honeyed harmonies and Phonte's breathy vocals, you are guaranteed to feel a little worked up after hearing this jam. And don't worry, this gem from their June 28th release, Dear Friends, is available for free download, so you can add it to the mixtape you'll be making for that special someone after you hear it.

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